Understanding Managed Procurement Services

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Benefits of our supply chain management

Supply chain discrepancies often occur when supply chain vendors have their own operational characteristics, technology, order processes, suppliers, and distributors. It can quickly disrupt the flow of goods. C.H. Robinson’s Managed Procurement Services (MPS) provides the visibility and consistency you need for better decision making.

Our proprietary managed procurement technology drives efficiency throughout the supply chain, down to the store level.

  • Improve profit/loss statements at store locations
  • Reduce operator's need to audit invoices with more on time in full orders

With our vast distribution network, you can streamline your supply chain to enable the delivery of consumer demanded products.

  • Customize item catalogs to employ easy, standardized ordering processes across store locations
  • Move grab-n-go/meal kit assembly from the back of house to upstream in the supply chain

With Managed Procurement Services, you can confidently handle all aspects of your supply chains.

  • Track and manage supplier and distributor relationships
  • Gain full visibility to costs and supply chain analytics

MPS reduces costs

On average, MPS customers cut supply chain expenses from 7-10% through technology, expertise, and smart solutions.

Web-based technology

Our perishable supply chain solutions are backed by a web-based technology platform that electronically manages the entire purchase order process from inbound orders to invoicing.

Item codes are flawlessly translated, processed, and stored on a single source platform. This allows for smooth transitions from suppliers to distributors and into stores.

MPS technology that manages the entire purchase order process

Perishable supply chain analysis

MPS customers can expect dedicated, experts to manage their account. Through close collaboration, we quickly become an extension of your team.

Using the data captured through our web-based perishable supply chain technology, we continuously analyze your supply chain and recommend optimization opportunities.

Supply chain technology: Are you asking potential SCM providers about implementation

Clear, strategic, self-managed implementation plans can make a big difference in the success of technology integrations and are often suggestive of high quality SCM providers. Watch how our three step plan increases success and reduces issues normally caused by change.

Logistics solutions

From transportation to warehouse services and inventory management, C.H. Robinson offers a full suite of global logistics services and technology solutions. Our comprehensive distribution network ensures supply when and where you need it most.

Multiple distribution options in various geographies help optimize supply chains for greater efficiency and cost reduction. Working closely with your desired suppliers and distributors helps us provide unique optimizations that are right for your specific needs.

Get a free analysis

Get your free supply chain analysis now. With just a few data points, our experts can analyze your supply chain and provide impactful optimization recommendations.