Understanding Last Mile Shipping

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What is last mile shipping?

Last mile shipping, also referred to as final mile shipping, is the transportation of goods to the final delivery destination, often to a personal residence or retail store.

  • May also include deliveries to healthcare facilities and business centers
  • Typically is the most expensive part of transportation
  • Often has the most impact on customer experience

Last mile services vary by provider. Ensure that your last mile provider offers solutions that align with your long-term supply chain goals.

How to become a best-in-class last mile shipper

Evolve with customers

Consumer expectations, both personal and business, are constantly changing. But one thing doesn't change, consumers expect clear visibility to orders, whether for work or home. The ability to track from warehouse to door is a requirement in today's market.

3 ways retailers can evolve

    1. Continuously evaluate in-store experiences
      • Strive to meet conveniences provided by online shopping
    2. Consider offering fewer products in store
      • Build alternative distribution strategies to take advantage of a showroom feel
    3. Entertain in-store consumers
      • Add non-retail fixtures, displays, and interactive technology and demonstration items to create a purchasing experience customers can't get online

Enhance your brand experience

Inconsistent last mile transportation can greatly impact a consumer's experience with your brand. In fact, according to the market research company, eMarketer, 98% of consumers say shipping impacts brand loyalty, and 84% of shoppers are not likely to shop with a brand again after a bad experience.

3 ways to provide a consistent consumer experience

    1. Choose the right carrier
      • From entering homes to assembling products, drivers represent your brand
    2. Create a strategic reverse logistics program
      • Returns, recalls, reusable containers, and the liquidation/disposal process should all be included
    3. Address on time delivery rates
      • Late deliveries can mean lost sales, especially in certain industries

Rely on an experienced provider

With thousands of last mile carriers to pick from, it's challenging to know which ones perform well for your specific commodity and service needs. C.H. Robinson has the expertise and existing relationships with vetted, reliable, high-quality carriers so you can focus on staying competitive.

3 ways C.H. Robinson helps you stay competitive

    1. Ability to aggregate volumes
      • Our full suite of services can help you cut costs, boost efficiency, and increase service
    2. Translate business needs into solutions
      • Customer-centric approach that delivers customized solutions aligned to your business goals
    3. Coordinate complex logistics improvements
      • Bundle last mile with other logistics services for cost savings and efficiencies

C.H. Robinson's streamlined last mile services

Integrated solutions across the first, middle, and final miles of your shipments.

Our last mile services

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Last Mile Shipping Success Requires a Holistic Approach

With the ever-changing logistics landscape, cost-effective management of the last mile has become a challenge that needs a broader view. It’s important for your last mile logistics provider to take a holistic approach and apply best practices in supply chain strategy including home delivery.

Strong Last Mile Solutions Lead to Happier Holiday Shoppers

The likelihood of something going wrong in the final mile during the holidays is much higher than other times of the year. It can be hard to predict exactly what will go wrong—or when it’ll happen. Applying key last mile services can make all the difference in keeping your plans on track.

Let's solve your last mile shipping challenges