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More Than Just a Paycheck – How C.H. Robinson Benefits Changed Two Families’ Lives

Our employees are the heart of C.H. Robinson and that’s why we offer a competitive, comprehensive benefits package that helps our diverse group of employees personally and professionally, stay healthy, get rewarded for results, and plan for their future. An example of one of these benefits is our U.S. fertility benefits.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infertility impacts approximately in 1 in 7 Americans, and a single round of in-vitro fertilization can cost upwards of $20,000 and often requires more than one try. Without fertility coverage, many couples struggle to pay for the treatments. Recently, TJ McAlmond, Flatbed carrier representative in the Kansas City, Missouri office, and Chris Wyrick, manager of Account Management shared their personal stories of how C.H. Robinson’s U.S. fertility benefits changed their lives.

TJ’s Family Story:

dad holding baby

TJ and his wife, Ashley, got married in 2015 and by early 2016, Ashley was pregnant. Heartbreakingly, Ashley suffered a miscarriage after six weeks. After two more miscarriages that year, they were referred to a local fertility clinic where Ashley underwent testing. When everything came back normal, they tried lower cost fertility treatments, but nothing was working. They wanted to move on to in-vitro fertilization (IVF), but the cost of the treatment was keeping them from doing so.

Around the same time, TJ graduated from college and was looking for a career, when a C.H. Robinson recruiter reached out to him about an open position. After one interview, TJ was offered the job and was sent the benefits package to review. “I wasn’t at home when I received the job offer, so when I saw the benefits email come through, I just forwarded it to my wife,” said TJ. “A few minutes later she called me and asked if I had looked through the benefits yet, and I told her no.” Ashley was excited to find out that C.H. Robinson offered fertility benefits because in Missouri, less than one percent of companies offer these benefits since it’s not mandated in the state. After the encouraging interview experience with his now manager and the benefits package, TJ knew he had to take the job.

baby on shoulders

TJ and Ashley had their first IFV treatment soon after he started with the company, and it was successful. On March 5 of this year, TJ and Ashley welcomed their daughter, Harlow James. TJ says it’s truly remarkable how it all worked out. “I think a lot of times employees and employers think that the benefits of having a job is the paycheck they get at the end of the week, and I think a job is so much more than just a paycheck,” said TJ. “This job has given me the opportunity to not only provide for my family, but to have a family.”

Chris’ Family Story:

baby on shoulders

Since Chris and his wife, Chelsea had gotten married, they were living small, focusing on their “nest egg”— trying to save up enough money to buy a house in the California. Once they we’re getting close to having enough saved, they were ready to start a family. After a year of trying with no luck, they contacted a fertility doctor who told them Chelsea was unable to have kids naturally. After hearing the significant cost of IVF treatments, they realized that starting a family would significantly cut into their savings, and they would be unable to afford a standard house in Southern California.

Chris and Chelsea decided to have further testing, and that’s when he found out that C.H. Robinson offered fertility benefits. “I didn’t even know that these benefits existed at C.H. Robinson until the doctor told me,” said Chris. “This was really eye-opening because my wife’s benefits package wasn’t even close to how good mine were.” When open enrollment came along, Chris’ wife got on the benefits plan and they began the IVF treatments immediately. Happily, in April 2018, Chris and Chelsea welcomed a son, Graham, who recently celebrated his first birthday. Chris says without his benefits, his life would be completely different. “C.H. Robinson helped us start our family,” he said. “We wouldn’t have our house if we had to pay for the treatments out of pocket. It’s crazy to think about what these benefits have given to our family.”

dad holding baby

Our U.S. fertility benefits are just one example of the total rewards offered by C.H. Robinson. "We invest in our employees through competitive, highly valued total rewards offerings that meet the needs of our diverse teams," said Carita Hibben, vice president, Human Resources. "We continue to build and evaluate the rewards we offer to ensure our employees grow personally and professionally, stay healthy, get rewarded for results, and achieve their goals. This supports our ability to attract, engage and retain our most important asset; our employees."

In the coming months, we plan to share more stories about how C.H. Robinson benefits impact the lives of employees.