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Build a smarter distribution strategy

Warehousing plays an essential role in the success of your global supply chain. You need to secure space at specific times and near your primary transport routes in order to distribute your cargo efficiently. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent warehousing options in the market and delivering intelligent solutions from door to door and everywhere in between.

Reinforce your distribution network with a customised warehousing and logistics strategy:

  • Wholly-owned bonded warehouse locations in key import regions, including London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Stuttgart
  • Access to warehouse space virtually anywhere in Europe, any time you need it
  • Bonded warehouse solutions so you can:
    • Hold imported cargo in Europe without clearing customs and paying duties and value-added tax (VAT)
    • Clear customs and pay fees only when product is ready to be distributed
    • Reduce importing costs and control duty and VAT payments
    • Eliminate the liability of freight handoffs and bond switching, since we coordinate shipments from door to door
    • Special handling and order fulfillment expertise