Special Handling

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Smart options for complex cargo

Shipments that require special handling are often some of the most demanding loads to move from a logistics perspective. With our flexible business model and dedicated people, we can coordinate the details from origin to delivery.

  • Pick and pack. Fulfill your special handling orders easily with our pick and pack capabilities. When orders are communicated to your warehouse facility, our teams can fill the order immediately and get your shipment moving to ensure timely delivery to your customer.
  • Bonded warehousing. You can reduce importing costs on unique shipments by utilising our bonded warehouse solutions, which allow you to hold imported cargo in Europe without paying duties or value-added tax (VAT) until the product is ready to be distributed.
  • Fiscal representation. If you are a small company or new to European distribution, you can benefit by allowing C.H. Robinson Europe to assume fiscal responsibility and act as the importer of record on your behalf. We can import your goods, hold them in a bonded warehouse, pay all customs fees and distribute your cargo throughout Europe on demand.