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Simplify your groupage & part load shipping

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You have a lot to do. We are here to help you see your transport options clearly so you can make the best possible decisions for your business. The experts across our European transport network will simplify your shipment call-off process and provide you with a dedicated person to coordinate all of your part load and groupage operations. And we will help you realise more efficient transport options through consolidation, warehousingspecial handling and load optimisation that can help you lower your carbon footprint.

A clear and simple choice for all your part load and groupage needs:

  • On time delivery with full service throughout Europe
  • Online tracking from origin to destination
  • Custom reports via Navisphere® online access so you can view all your carriers on a single platform
  • Proactive, friendly employees who care about their work and your business needs
  • Proactive exceptions management from origin to destination
  • Consolidated invoicing and claims management
  • Dedicated fleet options for part load and groupage in strategic locations in Europe
  • Efficiency savings through consolidation to support sustainability, in line with the Green Freight Europe initiative

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