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Procure the right amount of space and pay only for what you need

Gain the warehousing services you need in Latin America and key ports around the world. In addition to an established global network of warehousing and inventory services, C.H. Robinson helps identify warehouses that make the most sense for your distribution chain. Best of all, you won't be locked into thousands of square feet you don't need, providing greater space and pricing flexibility.

One call can help you manage your entire distribution system

For crossdock, consolidation, pallet-in-pallet-out, breakbulk, re-palletization, and SKU management, rely on C.H. Robinson employees who speak your language and can handle so much more than just warehouse space. Do you need refrigeration, frozen transport, or dry warehousing options? You’re covered with a variety of flexible and secure options tailored to your business.

Need help understanding your warehousing options? Talk to a local expert

Keys to a successful Latin America warehouse plan

  1. Explore and understand your options. As Latin America continues to expand its supply chain expertise, build more infrastructure, and implement new customs rules and regulations, the number of viable warehousing solutions and their specific capabilities continues to expand. Work with a logistics provider who understands the complexity and changing transportation environment in Latin America, and knows how these factors can impact your global supply chain.
  2. Build a strong relationship with a reliable warehouse provider. Establish trust, keep communication lines open, and make sure there is a clear, mutual understanding of processes, goals, and desired outcomes. This can help ensure that you maintain visibility and manage spending over your global warehouse operations.
  3. Have a local presence. Choose a global company with local employees who specialize in warehousing. An expert who knows Latin America and speaks your language is invaluable because they can identify and develop solutions in the local market, and manage potential supply chain obstacles—whether your supply chain is within Latin America or worldwide.
  4. Utilize technology to increase visibility. Visibility is essential when you conduct business throughout Latin America or around the world. A global transportation management system can connect you to your freight along your entire supply chain, including its time in the warehouse.

Need help understanding your warehousing options? Talk to a local expert