Consistent truckload capacity in Latin America

Whether it is from farm to port, from port to mine, from factory to a distribution center, or across borders to a neighboring country, you need on time, reliable service for your truckload shipments. No matter how large or small your business, or if you ship daily, weekly, or monthly, C.H. Robinson provides flexible and reliable truck transport options with personalized assistance and responsive account management.

  • Dry or refrigerated equipment through a vast network of capacity
  • An unbiased approach, yielding cost-effective supply chain solutions customized for your needs
  • Convenient routes across South America, plus a network of offices throughout the Latin America region, providing insights and local market knowledge

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Take a more strategic approach for flexible capacity

It's never too late to start taking a more strategic approach to securing truckload capacity—and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your transportation providers. An ongoing effort to seek alignment between your supply chain needs and your transportation provider's network is a strategy that can show benefits to both parties, and can result in better rates and exceptional service levels over time.

Having trouble getting the equipment you need? Paying higher transportation rates? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, that might be the problem.

Q: Do your conversations with transportation providers focus only on getting the lowest rates?

Q: Do you frequently switch back and forth between transportation providers based on price?

Q: Do you ask all your transportation providers to commit to the same low rates, without regard for what is happening in the market or their business?

Q: Do you ignore transportation provider complaints about issues like long loading and unloading times, or freight that was difficult to handle?

It might be time to take a more strategic approach to truckload procurement, which can help you improve relationships with transportation providers and better manage your spending over time.

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8 tips for building a more beneficial shipper and carrier relationship

  1. Resist the urge to predict and secure rates based on seasonal or short-term marketplace trends
  2. Evaluate your rates periodically and compare to current rate indicators
  3. Procure bids from carriers at the same time each year and at least once a year
  4. Share as much information as you can about your business to help carriers understand the best way to serve you
  5. Hire a local capacity expert
  6. Utilize available technology platforms to gather and analyze information
  7. Build long-term relationships with your service providers
  8. Understand what drives ongoing fluctuations in the market

Does your supply chain have unique needs? Talk to a local expert
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