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Get global cargo to your customers on time with multiple air shipment options

Air cargo can be an important and highly efficient component of today's optimized supply chain, in and out of Latin America. For many products, markets, and industries, air cargo is the critical link that allows you to respond to customer demands in a timely manner. Multiple air shipment options, as well as advancements in reporting and aircraft efficiency, make air cargo essential to meet supply chain challenges, quickly and reliably.

Many ways to fly

Options include next flight out, consolidation, and deferred services. With a vast network of air capacity, you can efficiently move both dry and refrigerated product to satisfy your customers. Trust C.H. Robinson's experts to find you air cargo solutions that balance cost efficiency with time sensitivity to optimize your supply chain. We ship by air to nearly every major city around the world through efficient options to maximize capacity and optimize cost.

Think beyond freight costs when considering air cargo shipping

Freight costs are just one factor to consider when evaluating freight service options. Inventory carrying costs, and the sales opportunities associated with being first to market, are important considerations for shippers. The increased use of more fuel-efficient cargo fleets has changed the cost equation.

Find a provider who offers access to the benefits of multiple air services to widen your shipping options. The provider should consider your needs first by selecting the service that best suits your specific shipping requirements and expectations. This allows you to focus on overall transportation spend rather than individual shipment costs. Saving a few dollars here and there on air cargo does not make sense if delaying time to market increases inventory costs or unnecessarily lengthens the cash-to-cash cycle.

Choose services based on more than price alone. In any economic climate, shippers should remember to calculate costs door-to-door. The right blend of spend will address your overall business concerns and optimize your supply chain.

Leverage a provider with multiple service options. Take advantage of a relationship with a logistics provider, like C.H. Robinson, who offers a large portfolio of transportation options beyond air freight. It's simply a smart business move in today's ever-changing global market. Don't forget to address the other supply chain challenges that complement air freight shipping

If you ship by air, you will likely encounter customs, vendor purchase order requirements, and warehousing needs. With a single call, add more global services like ocean, customs clearance, and warehousing to your strategy. Rely on local experts who speak your language, keep up to date on customs requirements, and have access to a full portfolio of transportation services, so you can rest easy and spend more time focusing on your business.

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