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Grow your competitive advantage in Latin America

When you are prepared for changing market conditions and the unique complexities in the Latin America market, C.H. Robinson can help make your supply chain more resilient and efficient—setting you up for success and giving your company a competitive advantage.

Better logistics performance benefits domestic and international trade

The cost and quality of logistics have fundamental implications for sustainable economic growth.

Ensure good transport links and reduced transaction costs. High transport costs reduce domestic firms' competiveness, and thus affect the potential for linkages with suppliers. Specifically, productivity in domestic firms is linked to a measure of the importance of multinationals in downstream industries.

Promote integration into international trade. Improving your logistics performance helps boost exports, reduce import costs, diversify products and trade partners, and facilitate entry into Global Value Chains (GVCs) where activities must be coordinated across multiple countries and regions.

Questions to ask when choosing a transportation and logistics provider

Q: Does the provider exhibit longevity, and a commitment to serve? Choose a provider that has an established presence in your region. In an industry where companies come and go, a strong financial background with decades of global experience helps ensure the provider is able to maintain their commitment to serve you.

Q: Does the provider employ knowledgeable, empowered, and local people? Choose a provider that offers personalized services delivered by employees who understand the local marketplace. The provider should learn and understand your unique business needs and proactively identify solutions—working as one with your team.

Q: Does the provider offer a wide portfolio of integrated services? Find peace of mind working with a provider that has a vast portfolio of services to deliver on every shipment. More options provide you with more flexibility. You will have the opportunity to better manage your supply chain or address unforeseen challenges when they arise. The provider should bring expert guidance, market insights, and benchmarking, and should collaborate to improve service to your customers.

Q: Does the provider offer a global network and scale? Providers that have a large global footprint can deliver on outcomes, service levels, and commitments that might be more difficult for others. A strong local presence backed by a global network helps ensure the provider has experience in dealing with a diverse range of transportation challenges. By leveraging the provider’s size and scale, you should experience more ways to manage costs, proactively address risks, and navigate the ever-changing, complex Latin America region.

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Partial truckload (LTL) Customs clearance/border crossing
Flatbed Project logistics
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