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C.H. Robinson is honored to employ experienced logistics professionals in the Latin America region. Local experts that speak your language, including Spanish and Portuguese, are available to provide a full range of supply chain solutions for your business that take into account the unique aspects of the Latin America market. Currently, C.H. Robinson has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, and agents in most of the other countries in Latin America.

Rely on C.H. Robinson for a full range of transportation and logistics services

Customers depend on comprehensive supply chain services, reliability and excellent customer service to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. From company headquarters in North America, to a large network of offices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, we bring you global expertise while also making sure we understand the challenges and opportunities within your specific market. Fragmented suppliers, safety concerns, limited infrastructure, ever-changing compliance and customs requirements—these are just a few of the issues we help you overcome, proactively and reliably, so your freight can be delivered intact and on time. Our expertise also helps you get competitive pricing, and access to special equipment, and helps you build strong, trusting relationships with suppliers, which can lead to better rates and higher service levels over time.

A long history of logistics and freight forwarding experience

C.H. Robinson is one of the world's most respected transportation providers, and is recognized as a top non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) by volume in key markets around the globe. No matter the size or scale of your business, we help you find solutions to get the capacity and equipment you need, utilizing all the modes of transportation available through our extensive network of carrier and supplier relationships.

Be confident in the company's financial stability and growing global network. Through a wide network of offices and agents, you can transport almost anything quickly and efficiently around the world. From mining supplies and paper, to clothing and agricultural products, we have specialists that get to know the unique aspects of your business. Even in emerging markets, C.H. Robinson has the connections and adaptability to streamline your supply chain for success, so you can exceed your customers' expectations and gain an advantage over your competitors.

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