Navisphere Vision

Build a connected, predictable supply chain with real-time visibility

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Real-time visibility and connectivity to your global supply chain

Navisphere® Vision gives you visibility into all of the sources of information about your global supply chain in one place.

It also helps you avoid disruptions and make smarter decisions to help ensure your products reach their destination—and your customers—on time.

All geographies. All modes. One platform.

Navisphere Vision, a software as a service (SaaS) platform, combines real-time order and shipment information with all of the transportation updates and external factors that can disrupt or influence your supply chain—wherever in the world your shipments may be.

Predictive, prescriptive insights

Leverage Navisphere Vision’s machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform historical data into business insights. Let our powerful supply chain technology take smart action on your behalf to proactively respond to potential disruptions before they impact your shipments.

Real-time visibility integrations

Navisphere Vision pulls data and status updates from your third party vendors and suppliers—plus weather, traffic, and geopolitical monitoring—to give you a holistic, real-time view of your supply chain. Internet of Things (IoT) device integration allows you to monitor and immediately mitigate any shipment spoilage, damages, or tampering. Hosted on the cloud via Microsoft Azure, Navisphere Vision delivers unlimited scalability, premier data security, and increased application speed in any region of the world.

Microsoft's Supply Chain Transformation

“Navisphere Vision helps us understand the things that we couldn’t before. It’s tremendously powerful.” – Microsoft

We built and launched Navisphere Vision with our customer, Microsoft, to support their global supply chain transformation. Today, Microsoft’s customer-centric supply chain is supported through proactive disruption monitoring and real-time visibility in all modes and regions.

See how Microsoft uses Navisphere Vision to see more, know more, and do more with their global supply chain.

Visualize your global inventory – at rest or in motion – across all modes and regions

Gain supply chain visibility, insights, and connectivity to meet customer demands