PPE Supply Chain Video Series - Volume 3

My name is Bogen Chi one of the Air freight Directors at C.H. Robinson. Today I'm gonna be talking about metering your freight to help navigate to today's challenges.

Even though air freight demand for PPE is going down, it's still worth mentioning that this is an effective technique to help reduce your overall freight spend for almost the same result. This technique applies not only to PPE but general cargo as well, especially during peak seasons.

The need for PPE is not going away anytime soon and as General Karl comes back, there will be greater demands on capacity. So let's take a look at what metering your freight means. During normal conditions, mostly time calculators work, but when disruptions and abnormal peak seasons occur, they don't.

Exception management takes over, but often with very little collaboration between purchasing sales, the factory, logistics, and the end user.

So why is this important? When delays happen throughout the supply chain, the transit time for air freight and ocean freight start to get much closer. So asking yourself: how much of that PO do you really need to fly? How much of that is safety stock? What's the end user consumption rate? And what's the output rate of the factory? Having a cross-functional conversation may reveal that only a portion of PO should fly, and the balance of it should be shipped as ocean freight.

The air freight just isn't enough to match the end users consumption rate and as ocean freight catches up, it can significantly reduce your freight spend.

A thoughtful logistician can help you facilitate this conversation. We can help you with the designing of the solution. So contact one of our subject matter experts. We like solving problems. Thank you for watching this quick video and look for more future videos related to PPE from C.H. Robinson soon. Thank you.

Metered freight solutions for personal protection equipment (PPE) from China to North America

Whether you’re looking to import PPE for the first time or as part of your normal procurement process, C.H. Robinson’s experts can help you build a more resilient supply chain when navigating customs for PPE.

Air or ocean? What’s right for PPE?

Watch Bogen Chi, director of air freight, in this quick video. He’ll introduce the concept of metering your PPE shipments and guide you through the benefits of using a combination of both air and ocean shipping for your critical PPE orders. By the end of the video you will be able to answer:

  • If metered PPE shipping makes sense for your business needs
  • The top benefits your business could achieve through freight metering
  • What steps to take to make the most of air and ocean services