On-Demand Webinar

Canadian Global Forwarding: Supply Chain & Customs Overview

April 22, 2022, 12:00 PM CDT

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Watch our free, on-demand webinar to learn how the latest trends will impact your ocean and air freight, as well as customs. Stay up to date with the latest developments that will impact your international shipping and trade.

You will learn

  • What to expect for upcoming ocean congestion and carrier capacity
  • How to expedite your supply chain through LCL solutions
  • How increased passenger flights will impact cargo capacity
  • What new government updates will mean for your compliance programs
  • How to prepare for new tariff verifications and CARM requirements

You'll hear from

Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Manager–Trade Policy
Anduela Sinani
Anduela Sinani
Product Development Manager–Ocean
Amanda Abbott
Amanda Abbott
Product Development Manager–Air

For specific updates, go to these timestamps:

  • Ocean Freight (1:04)
  • Air Freight (16:39)
  • Customs & Trade Compliance (22:00)

This webinar is presented in the English language.