Insights & Connectivity for Global Supply Chains

I'm Brent Nagy. I've been with C.H. Robinson for 18 years, and I'm currently sitting as vice president of customer strategy. C.H. Robinson is the world's largest third party logistics provider, with approximately 16,000 employees globally. Leveraging technology to enable worlds commerce almost powerful supply chain platform. We are moving freight from warehouse to warehouse contract manufacturing facility to port all the way down to an individual's house. The information security associated to all of that is critical not just to commerce and large shippers, but all the way down to individuals receiving things, not to mention the regulatory environment over the top of everything. So from a security standpoint, we're worried about individual user security. We're worried about large corporate shipper security, and we're worried about our own internal system security relative to enabling and enacting freight throughout the world on our customers behalf. One of the biggest challenges in supply chain. Quite simply put his visibility. Where is my freight? What is happening to that freight and when will it arrive? When you think about your IOT Central, they're stitching together billions and billions of lines of information from around the world across multiple, different sources. When you think about Intel, they're developing sensors for the ability to track and trace freight nontraditional measurements across that, such as temperature light shock so that not only you understanding what's happening in the journey of that shipment. But what happened throughout. IOT is inherently complex. The information flowing through is significant, and it's just incredibly important. You pick the right provider for us, as your IOT Central was a no brainer, based off of our relationship with Microsoft Way. No, we have security. We know we have reliability. We know we have scale, and we know we have these of integration through that partnership. Intel's connected logistics platform allows us to solve for track and traceability around the world. It also allows us to customize that track and traceability based off of the frequency with which we want to see it and all the non traditional metrics associated to their sensors in the form of temperature, light and shock. As a result of partnering with Microsoft and Intel on this journey were able to manifest this information through our product Navisphere. Navisphere Vision is C.H. Robinson's proprietary transportation management technology. We leverage that technology globally across all of our employees anywhere in the world, across any ship to enable our customers freight movements through their supply chain. I look forward to watching these three industry leading organizations continue to partner to solve the world's largest supply chain challenges.

Advancing Supply Chain Connectivity with Microsoft and Intel

By pairing our technology with Intel IoT devices and Microsoft Azure IoT Central, shippers gain even more real-time insights and connectivity to their global supply chains. Our IoT integrations measure and monitor physical elements that can impact shipments: shock, tilt, temperature, humidity, pressure, and light. With this feature, you can see the real-time location of your products, as well as monitor and be alerted to potential spoilage, damages, or tampering.

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