How To Change Tracking Settings

Get the most from the Navisphere carrier app by C. H. Robinson with tracking settings. Here's how: tap the three bar icon in the upper left of the screen. Select settings and then tracking. See all the settings. Without a green check mark, you can tap each one to update. The pop up tells you why it's not green and how to make the changes. Let's start with location, access the pop up says to select settings which takes you to the app settings on your phone, then tap location and change the setting to always. Now the location access icon will be green. Repeat that process with other icons until they're all green. Now you're set to haul smarter with an Navisphere carrier app by C. H. Robinson.

How to change tracking settings

Get the most from the Navisphere Carrier app by C.H. Robinson with updated tracking settings. With your iPhone™ or Android™ device you can easily configure location settings for automatic updates throughout your delivery.