What Carriers Say About C.H. Robinson: Tony’s story

Hey, I'm Tony Bradbury. I've been trucking since I was 17. I started working on the dock, moving freight with a fork lift, graduated into driving trucks, and been doing it ever since. It's been at least eight years rolling hard with C. H. Robinson. When you're a small carrier, you don't get the kind of respect that you get when you mention that you're picking up for C. H. Robinson. They helped us grow our business to a level that we couldn't have dreamed— and there's nothing better than when you work with a broker you can trust. They're bringing new ways for me to run my business more efficiently. C. H. Robinson has more loads available than anybody else. Per day—We do about 35-40 loads with C. H. Robinson. I don't have to worry about, am I gonna have loads tonight, tomorrow or next week. With an Navisphere I get personalized load recommendations. It's easy to jump on the app on my phone no matter where I'm at and start searching for a load. It just speeds your whole day up. You set yourself up for success. Being on the chat immediately with somebody is huge. You get a response right away. You're able to move and flow through your day so much better so it saves everybody a lot of effort. Being able to make an offer and find out instantly if it's accepted, that's great. The rates are amazing. We're able to turn a great profit. Last year Diesel grid was awarded carrier of the year for C. H. Robinson. It's an achievement that we worked really hard for, but we earned. To know that all the work we put in was acknowledged and seen—there's nothing better.

With C. H. Robinson it's my way—on the highway.

Meet a C.H. Robinson Carrier: Tony

Hear firsthand what carriers think of hauling for C.H. Robinson. Tony Bradbury of Dieselgrid gives you an inside look at their achievements. With personalized load recommendations, along with the ability to book and make offers instantly, Dieselgrid uses Navisphere daily to streamline their success.

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