What Carriers Say About C.H. Robinson: Cecil’s story

My name is Cecil jones. I love truck driving because I get to work my own schedule, and I've been working with C.H. Robinson for about six years— my experience over years has been great. C. H. Robinson has more loads available than anybody else. Booking loads are a lot easier now because of Navisphere. Having recommended loads is great because it allows me to see and book the loads right away. I spend less time looking for freight and more time making money. If I like the rate I can book it or I can put an offer in and I get an immediate response. It's like a shortcut for my business. I would recommend C.H. Robinson because the customer service is great. They take care of the problems I have with ease, and the app is great.

With C. H. Robinson it's my way—on the highway.

Meet a C.H. Robinson Carrier: Cecil

In addition to working on his terms, Cecil uses technology like Navisphere® Carrier to make the job easier. Features like recommended loads and make offers help Cecil quickly find and book loads he loves right away. With less time spent booking freight, there’s more time for making money.

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