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Australian Domestic Services

A cost-effective alternative to road and rail service

Coastal shipping can lead to dramatic cost savings over other transportation options, our network of experts can help you take into consideration any increased transit time required and plan your shipments accordingly.

Not only is this domestic shipping service a cost-effective service compared to road and rail, diversifying your transportation strategy comes with additional benefits.

Save money and keep your supply chain moving

  • Save up to 60% over rail and road services
  • Take advantage of C.H. Robinson’s alliances with major shipping lines
  • Expect door-to-door service
  • Gain clear visibility to shipment status online
  • Avoid empty return and pick ups
  • Rely on the safest mode of domestic transport
  • Add warehouse fulfillment solutions
  • Reduce fuel emissions

Explore our service frequency options

  • Four services per week (i.e., Melbourne & Sydney to Perth)
  • Two services per week (i.e., Adelaide & Brisbane to Perth)
  • Fortnightly service (i.e., Melbourne to Brisbane)
  • Fortnightly service (i.e., Perth to the East Coast)
  • Daily service into Tasmania
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A closer look at how coastal shipping service works

After ships have unloaded goods in Eastern Australia ports, on their return journey to Singapore or Hong Kong, we are able to pick up and deliver domestic goods as they travel West along the coast.

This service is particularly useful when there are additional pressures on the Australian road and rail market.

Coastal shipping: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Perth

Have confidence in working with a provider that works with the largest, most sophisticated shippers in the world. Coca-Cola Amatil is just one of many companies that trusts C.H. Robinson to deliver clear visibility, quality customer service and reduced damages through coastal shipping.

Freight resources related to coastal shipping

A smarter way to manage containers

Our innovative container management portal helps you:

  • Enable supply chain visibility
  • Create efficiencies in your supply chain
  • Optimise warehouse performance
  • Plan labour management
  • Reduce supply chain costs

We've created these resources to help you drive better outcomes for your business: Read the blog post Navigating Through the Disruption—An Oceania Perspective or review our client advisories.