Why Work with C.H. Robinson?

How does working with C.H. Robinson improve yoru global supply chain?

"C.H. Robinson really took us from working with a shipping company that would move product from point A to point B to a trusted partner that offers us education compliance on top of competitive rates."

What do C.H. Robinson employees do to help improve your global shipping processes?

"C.H. Robinson employees help us by improving processes by asking us questions by educating us and making sure that with their service at their meeting our demands as well."

Why would you reccomend C.H. Robinson?

"I would recommend C.H. Robinson wholeheartedly to anyone that wants to improve their supply chain, wants to reduce cost—ultimately reduce risk and make sure that your compliant with all global trade policies."

A customer testimonial: Vision-Ease Lens

Here is the story, according to Kent Runksmeier, Global Logistics Manager at Vision-Ease Lens.