Temperature Controlled Shipping Services

Today's Global Marketplace is more competitive than ever. Companies are forced to think creatively and innovate to meet customer demand. No matter your product specialty or industry you are faced with many supply chain challenges.

Because of the sensitivity in complexity involved in moving perishable goods, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, floral, or anything requiring sophisticated temperature protection—you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself.

When working with C.H. Robinson you are tapping into one of the largest global logistics providers in the world. Help to safeguard your cold chain by ensuring that all parties understand pre-trip requirements, cold chain management, and in-transit communication class. One of the ways we demonstrate our expertise in the perishable supply chain is through our floral Solutions offering.

"The floral solution service center is the hub of all the flowers that C.H. Robinson does throughout the United States. Our flowers do not stay in the warehouse for longer than 8 hours. We are a true Cross-dock facility."

"We strive to keep the cold chain intact throughout the whole process, that's one of our main points."

"By not breaking the cold chain, it makes our flowers last longer, with a longer shelf-life."

"We have dedicated personnel. We have a warehouse completely dedicated to floral. There is nothing else that goes through here other than floral, which ensures that the ethylene levels are where they should be. And at the product arrived in good condition."

You benefit from best-in-class process, industry-leading people and expertise, and a Navisphere global technology platform that delivers real-time information around product location and temperature. Supported by a network of over 22k temperature control carriers.

"Now especially duing the holidays [Mother's day] the capacities side of the business where the truck usage increases by 3-5 fold, that's when we we can play a big role in it."

Accelerate your advantage today—with C.H. Robinson

Differentiate yourself in the moving of temperature-sensitive freight

When it comes to moving perishable goods like produce, pharmaceutical, and floral, your supply chain needs expertise, care, and communication. C.H. Robinson’s temperature controlled shipping services safeguard your cold chain, ensuring your pre-trip requirements and in-transit requests are taken care of.

In this video, learn how your business can benefits from our best-in-class processes, industry-leading people, and innovative Navisphere® global technology platform. Peek inside our floral warehouse to see how we deliver longer shelf lives and superior conditions through proper ethaline levels and quick turnaround.

As one of the largest global logistics providers in the world, we provide access to over 22,000 temperature controlled carriers that get your goods where they need to go without breaking the cold chain.

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