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Supply chain technology: Are you asking potential SCM providers about implementation?

There are a lot of things to consider about various supply chain management technologies. This challenging consideration phase is only made tougher by the vast number of SCM technologies in the marketplace.

Technology capabilities should be aligned to your business goals. That is perhaps the most obvious decision-making point. But what if several technology providers fit the bill? What other areas should be considered in order to narrow the list?

Any quality SCM provider should have a detailed implementation process mapped out, inclusive of plan B’s and C’s and “what if” scenario details.

System-wide technology implementation plans typically consist of these main areas.

  1. Information cataloging: F&B providers typically have large networks of suppliers and distributors and all of them need to be incorporated into the technology, so a huge portion of implementation is collecting information. Item codes, order history, location, process, and more.
  2. System set up: During this phase the provider links into the customers network and uploads SKU information and store level details. A preferred SCM provider will ensure item numbers and order processes fit the customer and are translated accurately from the supplier or distributor, before appearing in the customers dashboard.
  3. Finalisation and testing: This phase is perhaps the most important. Checking and double-checking connections and process automation is critical in ensuring a smooth launch and roll out.

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