GoGo SqueeZ leverages technology and innovation to meet growing ecommerce demand

[Debra Lin, VP Supply Chain GoGo SqueeZ] GoGo SqueeZ is the leading reclosable, 100% fruit in a pouch.

[Max Cooper, Director Logistics & Customer Service Gogo Squeez] GoGo SqueeZ is a family first brand, nutritious, all about strong well-being for kids and families together.

[Debra] Ecommerce has really transformed the supply chain for consumer products across the globe. We're seeing even brick and mortar retailers, their online businesses skyrocket.

[Max] Ecommerce has grown double year over year for Materne GoGo SqueeZ. To deliver on time in full is becoming more and more important and it's one of the cornerstones of our supply chain pillars.

[Debra] C.H. Robinson is our primary transportation partner. They're our eyes and ears to the world of transportation.

[Jeff Kamperschroer, Director Business Development C.H. Robinson] C.H. Robinson provides a global suite of services for GoGo SqueeZ: including truckload, LTL, consolidation, intermodal, cross border, ocean, and consulting.

[Max] C.H. Robinson has helped us find the right partners, right-size our network, and respond faster than ever before. They are considered an extension of our team.

[Debra] Their availability as well as their reliability has really been truly appreciated and unmatched.

[Max] Navisphere® is a very powerful tool that has really opened our logistics team at Materne's eyes up to new possibilities for spend management and service management. You have that triangle of service, quality, and costs, and that is tried and true in the Navisphere platform in ways that we've never been able to sync those pillars up before. The Navisphere tool has been a great way for us to track and trace in real-time and also look back at other opportunities that we can find to further optimize our logistics network.

[Jeff] GoGo SqueeZ leverages multiple Robinson technologies. Navisphere as their TMS, Insight for data analytics, Emissions IQ to manage their emissions output, and they're piloting in one of our retail compliance programs from Robinson Labs.

[Max] Having technology that's built by supply chain experts is the key to our ability to evolve and meet those growing consumer and Ecom demands. They have helped Materne achieve the highest on time score that we've ever seen.

[Debra] C.H. Robinson has been a great partner to Materne because not only do they support the foundation of our business, which is brick and mortar, they're also evolving with us through our Ecommerce business.

[Max] In this evolving logistics network where consumers need product now, we need to find as many tools as possible to ensure that we have a leading edge where every minute matters. C.H. Robinson has been delivering that for us time and time again and always finding ways to incorporate better tools for our team to gain faster insights.

GoGo SqueeZ leverages technology and innovation to meet growing ecommerce demand

GoGo SqueeZ is the leading re-closable, 100% fruit in a pouch. When ecommerce sales more than doubled, they relied on C.H. Robinson’s experts and technology to help solve new supply chain challenges and meet increasing consumer expectations.

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