What Carriers Say About C.H. Robinson: Arbie’s story

My name's Arbie Pruitt. I've been driving for six years with C. H. Robinson has been great. You know I haven't stopped rolling. My goal is to expand the 5-10 trucks. Working with C. H. Robinson helped me get there and it helps me build more capital. C. H. Robinson has the loads to help me expand my business. Wherever you wanna go, They have something for you. I use Navisphere Carrier on my phone and on my tablet. Having recommended loads helps me dead head less and it helps me get to another destination quickly. You can search instantly. You can book instantly and I can just press the button and I know my rate and I know where I'm going. We get paid quickly. The rates are fair. when I have a problem I can call them up and we get the problem solved.

With C. H. Robinson it's my way—on the highway.

Meet a C.H. Robinson Carrier: Arbie

Are you an owner-operator that’s looking to expand your business? That’s Arbie’s goal and C.H. Robinson is helping him get there. Hear how Arbie gets more done with Navisphere® Carrier on his phone and tablet. With recommended loads, he experiences less deadhead and gets to his next destination quickly.

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