supply chain solutionsAccelerate Your Advantage
The fast pace of change is impacting logistics around the world. Innovative solutions and a flexible, adaptable supply chain can help you stay competitive even as the market shifts. Accelerate Your Advantage® is our promise to focus on improving your supply chain so you can exceed customer expectations, grow your business, and outpace competitors.

Work smarter—not harder—in your global supply chainWork smarter—not harder—in your global supply chain
It’s your job to make products your customers love. It’s our job to connect the world’s supply chains—ground, rail, ocean, air, and customs. With our local, yet global approach, we are where you need us most to help build confidence in your global supply chain.

Why Relationships Matter in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry 2017 Supply Chain Trends and Outlook
On an episode of Talking Logistics, Brent Nagy, vice president, enterprise customer strategy at C.H. Robinson, sits down with Adrian Gonzalez, president of Adelante SCM, to discuss why strong relationships are so important in supply chains and how to grow and maintain them.

Data Management and Your Supply Chain Data Management and Your Supply Chain
We take data management seriously. Our global data structure can help guarantee high availability, security, and reliability, for your supply chain data—no matter where you are in the world. Data drives global logistics more than ever before. Protect yours with C.H. Robinson’s world-class, global data center solution.

C.H. Robinson sees supply chains differently See Things Differently
It's your job to make products your customer love. It's our job to connect the world. Our people think in terms of free trade zones and shipping schedules, but they're also consumers who know what it takes for every item on a store shelf to get there. We see both sides of the story.

Do Global Perspective: South America Logistics
This is who we are. With a global network of support around the globe, our local experts in South America provide the innovation, service, and solutions that customers need to overcome the challenges of local, regional, and global shipping.

Do Do "Favored Shippers" Really Receive Better Pricing and Service
Anecdotal evidence and some qualitative research suggests that "favored shippers"—companies for which carriers prefer to haul freight—obtain better pricing and service. But do they? Researchers at TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson and Iowa St. University studied favorite shipper attributes and discovered a strong link between transportation rates paid and dwell time.

What Global Companies Say about Working with TMC What Global Companies Say about Working with TMC
Companies across industries are improving their logistics performance and gaining visibility with Managed TMS®, a global service delivered by TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson. Hear experiences from logistics directors at Ocean Spray® Cranberries, Oshkosh Corporation, and IPC/Subway®.

Manage Risk Manage Risk
In today’s global marketplace, there are many predicted and unforeseen disruptions that can impact your supply chain. Minimize those risks and get your product to market with C.H. Robinson’s core services, innovative ideas, and team of dedicated experts.

What is it like to work with C.H. Robinson? Why work with C.H. Robinson?
Here is the story, according to Kent Runksmeier, Global Logistics Manager at Vision-Ease Lens.

What is it like to work with C.H. Robinson? What is it like to work with C.H. Robinson?
Listen to the experiences of Troy Bunker, Director of Sourcing and Logistics at Larson Manufacturing.

South Asia Logistics South Asia Logistics
Discover the portfolio of logistics services, expertise, and recognized capabilities that can give your South Asia supply chain a competitive advantage.

U.S./Mexico Cross Border U.S./Mexico Cross Border
Whether your business is inside Mexico or crosses the U.S./Mexico border, logistics experts can help you turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage. Find out how our visibility, logistics expertise, and commitment can contribute to your success.

Managing Supply Chain Risk Managing Supply Chain Risk
Globalization has created opportunities for companies around the world. To survive and thrive, organizations must develop a risk management strategy that can ensure a smooth supply of goods anywhere in the world.

Temperature Controlled Services Temperature Controlled Services
You have an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the moving temperature sensitive freight. Benefit from best in class process, industry leading people and a Navisphere® global technology platform supported by a large network of temperature controlled carriers.

Total Landed CostGlobal Total Landed Costs
You can measure end-to-end costs for your freight and get the details you need to optimize a global supply chain. Explore the tools and resources you will need.

Air Consolidation ThumbnailAir Consolidation
Speed to market for your global supply chain can help keep your business competitive. Air consolidation service is one way to balance delivery time and cost, for an effective, efficient global logistics strategy.

Asia TransportAsia Logistics
For today's supply chain, you need a flexible solution designed to meet your unique requirements. You can get that flexibility by leveraging C.H. Robinson's network of Asia Pacific freight services.

Navisphere Technology PlatformNavisphere Technology Platform
C.H. Robinson’s powerful Navisphere technology platform gives you the flexible, efficient, and integrated technology solutions you need to bring all aspects of your supply chain together.

Freight ConsolidationFreight Consolidation
When freight extends beyond traditional truckload, we investigate options within our global network of resources—one of the largest in the industry. We're ready and determined to execute a plan for you.

Intermodal ServicesIntermodal Services
Today, your business relies on your ingenuity and ability to apply the best transportation options. Find out how intermodal programs and shipping support can inject capacity into your supply chain and give you more flexibility and control.

Europe TransportEurope Transport
For today's supply chain, you need a flexible solution designed to meet your unique requirements. You can get that flexibility by leveraging C.H. Robinson's network of European freight services.

Freight consolidation helps shippers drive down costs and emissions. This innovative service takes advantage of transportation networks and freight volumes by consolidating shipments into full truckloads.

Global TMSGlobal TMS + Managed Services
What does your supply chain look like? Are you seeing the full picture? Our global TMS + managed services allow you to make smarter choices by connecting supply chains resulting in superior, strategic decisions.

What is Managed TMSWhat is Managed TMS?
Managed TMS® is emerging as a leading option for shippers as they evaluate transportation management strategies. Find out how Managed TMS is helping the world's best known brands achieve cost savings.

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