Truckload Services to Meet your Needs

To get the most out of your truckload shipping, you need access to a robust transportation network and knowledgeable experts who understand and can leverage today’s marketplace. When you work with us, you have access to more carriers than the competition, experts who specialize in helping improve your supply chain, and Navisphere® to show you where your shipments are in near real time.


Succeed in every truckload market

How you secure the truckload capacity you need can shift with the market. When the market is tight, your options likely feel limited. That’s why we’ve developed 12 strategies you can take for immediate, quarterly, and long-term procurement success—no matter what the current market has in store.

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Yes, you deserve on time delivery at a competitive price.

And when your supply chain is ready for more, we’re ready to help you solve any logistics problem. We work with you to smooth out the rough spots in your supply chain, answer critical questions, and bring in the ideas and practices that can prepare your business for any opportunity—even on the road less traveled.

How one company used supply chain expertise to energize sales.


One manufacturer typically shipped its refrigeration units by LTL from Mexico to the United States. When the company made its first sale of 350 refrigeration units to a global beverage distributor, they knew they could grow their business even faster—if they could efficiently deliver the units from a plant in Mexico to 7 states, from Florida to Hawaii.


The company worked with our truckload, special handling, customs, and warehousing teams. Together, we shipped units by the full truckload to a Texas distribution center and staged them at regional warehouses. Our two-person teams joined the company’s representatives onsite as the units were delivered, unpacked, and installed. Through it all, our Navisphere® global technology platform provided visibility and tracking of every shipment for the company and its customers.

Real truckload service creates solutions.

You will get unbeatable truckload service when you work with us, plus so much more: The equipment you’re looking for combined with everything we’ve learned in the last century about connecting products with people, plus Navisphere®, a global technology platform that connects you to your trading partners. All under one roof so you can reach your goals faster and Accelerate Your Advantage®.

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Developing Strategic Relationships

Strong relationships are important—especially in the trucking industry. At C.H. Robinson, our goal is to add value to our customers’ businesses by fostering collaborative relationships and being an extension of their teams.

Improving Truckload Rates

There are ways to save even more on truckload rates—aggregate your low volume lanes to increase the density, allow carriers to optimize their networks, and make the lanes more attractive to serve.

Decreasing Dwell Times

You are likely looking for ways to cut your transportation costs. Did you know that after two hours of drivers waiting, you can expect truckload rates to increase accordingly? The good news is that you can reduce driver wait times.