Flatbed Gallery

  1. Chariot Moon Rover

    The Chariot Moon Rover (Lunar Electric Rover) was the finale of the Presidential Inauguration Parade as the next NASA Astronaut team saluted President Obama. The Chariot was shipped on a 53 foot steep deck, roll back curtain side, in 2 pieces.

  2. C.H. Robinson put an employee onsite

    C.H. Robinson put an employee onsite in Van Nuys, CA, to supervise the loading of this Bell Helicopter before it was shipped to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

  3. Rail maintenance car

    Rail maintenance car.

  4. fiberglass wet well

    A fiberglass wet well (used for a septic tank) was moved from Giddings, TX to Marrero, LA. The load was 14' x 12'5" x 12'5" (lwh) and weighed 8,500 pounds.

  5. fiberglass wet well in transit

    The fiberglass wet well in transit.

  6. fiberglass wet well

    Another view of the fiberglass wet well.

  7. fiberglass wet well

    The fiberglass wet well in transit.

  8. Railroad maintenance equipment

    Railroad maintenance equipment was moved from West Columbia, SC to Savannah, GA. The load was 65' x 10' x 12' (lwh) and weighed 110,000 pounds.

  9. The railroad maintenance equipment in transit

    The railroad maintenance equipment in transit.

  10. asphalt drum

    This asphalt drum was moved from Kansas to California.

  11. Iron latticework

    Iron latticework and machinery shipped from Texas to Georgia.

  12. refinery equipment

    This refinery equipment was 11 feet wide, 10 feet tall and weighed over 83,000 pounds. It was transported from Columbia, MS to Delhi, LA.

  13. refinery equipment in transit

    The refinery equipment in transit.

  14. refinery equipment

    Another view of the refinery equipment in transit.

  15. flatbed load interlined

    A flatbed load interlined out of Mexico and into the U.S. on the same trailer.

  16. over dimensional load

    This over dimensional load of insulated machinery was moved from Elizabethtown, NJ to upstate New York. It was 30' long and weighed 35,000 pounds.

  17. 60,000 pounds of building supplies

    60,000 pounds of building supplies were shipped from Alberta, Canada to the state of Washington.

  18. 44,000 pounds of manmade stone

    44,000 pounds of manmade stone shipped on A-frames with strap protectors from Newark, DE to various points in the U.S.

  19. Waterslide sections

    Waterslide sections shipped from Arizona to Missouri that were 33' x 7' x 10' (lwh) and 20,000 pounds.

  20. Tarped waterslide

    Tarped waterslide sections in transit.

  21. flatbed shipment

    A flatbed shipment from Vineyard, UT to Aztec, NM

  22. 64,000 pounds of platforms

    64,000 pounds of platforms and ladders on a stretch trailer being shipped from Tulsa, OK to Meeker, CO.

  23. This heavy aircraft tow tractor weighed 85,000 pounds and traveled from Jamaica, NY to Dulles, VA.

  24. extruder shipped

    This extruder shipped from San Antonio to Houston was 25' x 12' x 12' (lwh) and weighed 25,000 pounds.

  25. water filtration system pump

    This water filtration system pump was shipped from South Carolina to West Virginia.

  26. switchgear

    This switchgear for the VA Hospital in Buffalo, NY was 48' x 12' x 8.5' (lwh) and weighed 25,000 pounds.

  27. switchgear

    The switchgear loaded on the trailer.

  28. switchgear

    Another view of the switchgear on the trailer.

  29. perimeter trailer

    This perimeter trailer shipment was moved from Watertown, WI to Hoboken, GA. The load was 62' x 13' and weighed 120,000 pounds.

  30. perimeter trailer Transit

    The perimeter trailer in transit.

  31. perimeter trailer

    Another view of the perimeter trailer.

  32. agricultural tractors

    These agricultural tractors were shipped from New Virginia, IA to San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

  33. legal flatbed load

    A legal flatbed load of metal structural pipe that was picked up in Port of Charleston.

  34. tube dryer

    A tube dryer that was 70' long and 225,000 pounds was shipped from the Port of Houston to Scottsville, TX.

  35. gear box

    A gear box was picked up in Tulsa, OK and delivered to a new petroleum plant in Rifle, CO.

  36. trailer

    This trailer was moved from Wichita, KS to Alberta, Canada for remote drilling operations.