Reliable, flexible ocean freight options.

Your oceans FCL and LCL containers are ready to ship. Now, the hunt begins. You must find available space on a vessel at a competitive rate. With so many ocean shipping options, it may be challenging. As one of the world’s leading NVOCCs (non-vessel operating common carrier), we can help you assess and select the best ocean freight service to meet your goals. Plus, we have related solutions that can strengthen your supply chain strategy.

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Reduce the visibility gaps.

You can use our Navisphere® global technology to reduce the visibility gaps that keep you wondering about your freight while it’s in transit. Plus, we can help you with customs clearance and obtaining marine cargo insurance to mitigate risk. All of this enables you to accelerate your supply chain momentum and delight your customers.

A winning combination for ocean shipments.

What we bring to ocean transport is the same thing we bring to all our work: dependable people who drive true value into your logistics, reliable processes and procedures for efficiency, and Navisphere® global technology, which opens your eyes to the workings of your entire supply chain. That’s a combination that can Accelerate Your Advantage® in the marketplace.

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