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Specialties that should increase supply chain efficiency.

You get more value from your supply chain when transportation, warehousing, inventory, expedited deliveries, even returns are synchronized and working in harmony. What better way to pull your entire supply chain strategy together than to have all the pieces visible to you under one reliable roof?

Support for your complete supply chain.

Your business may call for logistics experts for special requirements. We can work with you to integrate these specialties for a well-rounded supply chain strategy.

  • Reverse logistics. Supply chains flow in both directions. So, you must manage not just the forward movement of inventory, but reverse logistics flows for the return of seasonal or damaged items. You can also apply reverse logistics programs to restocks, salvage items, recalls, and excess inventory to derive as much value as possible before the end of the product’s life. You can even obtain tax benefits by using reverse logistics for your recycling, hazardous material programs, and obsolete equipment disposition.
  • Special handling. Some products are so sensitive—they require extra attention for safe transport. That’s where our special handling experts come in. We provide trained drivers to handle freight like yours. Special pads, straps, and liftgates to help protect your products. We also provide plans, transportation, and labor for kiosk installations and store development. Whatever services you need from first to final mile, we can create a custom-tailored program to accomplish your goals.
  • Warehousing and inventory services. Ecommerce, same day shipping, and instant consumer gratification drive important supply chain decisions. Our logistics experts can help you decide if a warehouse’s location is ideal for reaching your consumers, or offer ideas to reduce costly stockouts and overstocks. You may even be able to save using crossdocking and direct shipping with your customers.
  • Expedited transportation. Sometimes, you need faster response times for just in time deliveries or quick turnarounds in the United States and Puerto Rico. Our expedited logistics experts work with you for reliable, round the clock, live support for your expedited freight. We can even help you build in processes so that you only expedite as part of your supply chain strategy—not as a last resort.

Navisphere® and supply chain experts: The perfect combination for your supply chain strategy.

It is possible to wrap your arms around the whole supply chain at once. You can do it by working with our knowledgeable logistics experts, who will listen to you and support your business goals. We’ll bring our best-in-class supply chain practices and our Navisphere® technology for global visibility. All these capabilities help improve your complete supply chain.