Carrier Advantage Program

Carrier Advantage Program

Carrier AdvantageTM Program

Our Carrier AdvantageTM Program provides strategic opportunities to build your relationship with C.H. Robinson. All contract carriers are organized into three distinct tiers—Base, Core, and Key—based on load volumes and service levels.

While all C.H. Robinson contract carriers will automatically be enrolled in the program, the tier you belong in is up to you and your commitment to regular, reliable service. All statuses are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Stronger Long-Term Business Relationships

You’ll be working with the same representatives over time, so you’ll get to know them and trust them to help you keep your equipment moving—whether you’re hitting the road or heading home.

Enhanced Efficiency and Smoother Processes

We reward contract carriers who go the extra mile when hauling for C.H. Robinson. They get earlier access to freight, the opportunity to fill uncommitted freight, and added time to adequately plan for the load.

Benefit Base Core Key
Navisphere Carrier
Quick Pay 2.0% 1.75% 1.5%
Earlier Access to Freight Earlier Earliest
Contractual Freight Opportunities
Dedicated Account Manager(s)
Make Web Offers

Core/Key Volume Requirements

Your total tractor count determines volume requirements for Core/Key tiers.

Tractor Count Minimum Volume Requirement (Quarterly) Flatbed Volume Requirement (Quarterly)
1 10 10
2-10 25 15
11-50 35 20
51-100 70 30
101-300 100 40
300+ 100+ 100+

Requirements by Tier

Core Tier Carriers

Any carriers placed in the Core tier must meet a minimum shipment volume requirement with C.H. Robinson and align with a few C.H. Robinson offices.

As part of this tier, Core carriers will qualify for earlier access to freight opportunities and work closely with a dedicated account representative.

Key Tier Carriers

All Key carriers, in addition to meeting the volume requirements and providing a higher level of service, must achieve a minimum score in a quarterly benchmarking scorecard. The scorecard will review different aspects of service and grade accordingly.

As part of this tier, Key carriers get the earliest access to freight opportunities, work with a dedicated account representative, and have the ability to make offers for freight online—no phone call required.

Key carriers are benchmarked on the following four areas:

  • Track and Trace – provide timely load status updates to C.H. Robinson
  • Automation – use available automated technology to provide updates rather than manual email or phone calls
  • Operational Efficiency – handle operations (e.g., documentation, resolving claims, etc.) quickly and easily
  • On Time Performance – arrive on time to both pickup and delivery locations

Your carrier representative can tell you more about our Carrier Advantage Program and share your current status.