Efficiently Handle Capacity in and out of Mexico

Seasonal peaks and the need for extra capacity shouldn’t slow down your supply chain. Leverage our strong global network, which includes over 64,000 carriers around the world—with more than 500 in Mexico alone. Gain peace of mind when you enlist our experts to help you manage timely and reliable delivery. Utilize deep knowledge from people who know the Mexican market and local challenges, giving you an edge over the competition.

  • Rely on C. H. Robinson’s network of capacity in Mexico. No matter how big or small your freight requirements are, get tailored solutions that increase the likelihood of timely and safe deliveries across the border.
  • Be more efficient with local logistics expertise to provide extra capacity or specialized equipment. And, realize savings with truck/train multimodal and intermodal options.
  • Take advantage of a best in class crossdocking process, which offers unlimited qualified solutions, instead of just a couple hundred providers who operate direct equipment.
  • Access capacity and flexibility when you use a crossdocking process that complies with C-TPAT standards and offers a secondary inspection point after cargo completes its voyage in Mexico.
  • Trust C.H. Robinson’s global technology platform, Navisphere® whenever extra volume poses a concern.

Rest assured that your surge capacity needs in Mexico will be met efficiently, giving you a clear advantage in the marketplace.

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