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Government Update: The Latest on CSA

Gov Update

Today, FMCSA announced that new screenshots to display motor carrier BASIC data, proposed in November 2013, will go live on August 2, 2014. Last year, I wrote a blog describing these changes.

C.H. Robinson and many other industry stakeholders commented on the proposed screenshots and provided valuable feedback and suggestions for improvements to FMCSA. While FMCSA made a few important tweaks to the screenshots based on comments they received, the new screenshots will follow their proposal closely.

Probably the most important change that is being made is including the carrier’s safety rating on the primary BASIC data summary screen and moving the granular BASIC data to a secondary screen. FMCSA has stated clearly in this release that, “BASIC percentiles do not impact a carrier’s safety rating and are not intended to imply any safety rating.”

In addition, FMCSA has indicated that some supplementary documents they will issue on August 2 with the new screenshots “will centralize information regarding how both on-road performance data (percentiles) and investigation results (Serious Violations) have been and continue to be factored into a carrier’s prioritization status.”

For those involved with qualifying and contracting motor carriers, this will be an important change to fully understand.