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4 Strategies for Planning that Best in Class Companies Use

4 Strategies for Planning that Best in Class Companies Use.Transportfolio

Planning Strategies

Between all of the logistics forecasting and post mortem discussion that go into it, planning can seem like a never-ending cycle. But this critical annual task doesn’t have to be a painful process. Many best in class companies build their supply chain strategy around four best practices. Keep them in mind as you start thinking about your plan for 2017.

  1. Reevaluate your capacity planning strategy, mode by mode. Your all-around capacity plan should balance your business’s needs with current market conditions.
  2. Consider the execution performance of your capacity plan. Change can come quickly, and without warning. Your ability to quickly, seamlessly respond to disruptions—like tight capacity or weather events—correlates to the agility of your plan. That’s why it’s important to have a method in place that measures how your plan actually executes.
  3. Proactively collaborate with functional teams across your organization. Have conversations about what you’re doing now and what you’re planning on doing later, rather than waiting for crucial information to roll downhill to you. Moving the fulcrum of conversations helps avoid unintentional consequences and missed opportunities.
  4. Prioritize technology and business process improvements. Changing at the speed of business requires precision, with the right processes in place. Technology and business processes enable change, and they also support the best practices mentioned above.

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