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Warehousing Solutions in China

Warehousing Solutions In China

Warehousing Solutions in China

China’s warehousing solutions appeal to global companies. Businesses can consolidate orders from multiple vendors and ship directly to end customers. This allows companies to avoid more expensive distribution networks in other regions of the world.

As part of a purchase order (P.O.) management program, clients can customize warehousing consolidation programs to fit their business model. Examples of programs include:

• Single importer and multiple vendor consolidation programs

• Multiple importer and multiple vendor consolidation programs

• Direct import programs built to ship products directly from origin to end customers

China Warehousing Guts

Within these programs, there are many different types of warehouse options companies can use to consolidate orders. Businesses have many options to customize warehousing solutions to meet the specific needs in their industry and to adjust to a variety of commodities and market channels.

For more information on China Warehousing, download our white paper.