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Global Forwarding: Think You Know the Facts?

Global Forwarding: Think You Know the Facts?

Global Forwarding

If you’d asked me what I know about global forwarding when I joined the industry two years ago, I would have looked at you quizzically and said, “Global forwarding? What’s that?” However, if I was asked the same question today, my answer would be very different.

I’ve learned to see just how crucial global supply chains are to our everyday lives. Have you ever taken a step back from your daily routine and wondered how everything you use—like your car, computer, or cell phone—got to the store for you to purchase? We all take it for granted. Everything just magically appears, right? Wrong! Most products have traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to make it to the store for you to purchase.

Thanks to global forwarding, we can have products from all over the world. Cars from China, coffee beans from Brazil, products are imported and exported every day, into and out of countries around the world. I am particularly interested in this area of our business. It is fascinating to learn about the intricate processes required to move different items on cargo ships or cargo planes, then through the rigorous customs process. It truly takes a lot of hard work to get any product on the store shelf!

Here are just some of the fascinating facts about global forwarding that you can pass along to the people you know.


worlds-busiest-container-ports-2013 worlds-largest-ship-maersk-mckinney-moller largest-project-cargo-shipment-ever what-passes-through-panama-canal us-customs-and-border-control-data-1 us-customs-and-border-control-data-2 air-cargo-market-share-by-region-2013 most-imports most-exports c-h-robinson-global-forwarding-leader c-h-robinson-dot-com

Next time you go to the store and find your favorite coffee beans in their typical spot, take a step back and think about all the work it took—along with the long journey—to bring them there so you could purchase them.

Do you have any interesting global forwarding facts you would like to share? Please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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