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Market Updates and Favored Shippers: 2015 Transportfolio Recap

2015 Transportfolio Recap

The logistics industry is constantly evolving, and our customers are always looking for ways to adapt. This past year was no exception. It was an exciting year in the supply chain industry, and our Transportfolio® blog has followed the action every step of the way. From surface transportation to global forwarding, our posts aim to fill you in on the topics that matter most. Looking back, our three most popular blog posts of 2015 were:

December Market Update: Transportation Industry News: Every month, Steve Raetz, director of research and market intelligence, summarizes the top industry trends affecting the market. These updates have sought to keep our readers informed and ahead of the curve, and have become extremely popular within Transportfolio. Our most recent market update covers the new highway bill and much more.

Top Findings: What Makes a “Favored Shipper”?: Anecdotal evidence claims that carriers look at shipper behaviors before deciding which company’s freight they will haul and what rate they will give them. But what determines carrier preference? We teamed up with researchers from Iowa State University to find answers.

3 Ways to Become an Attractive Shipper to Carriers: Vice President of Global Sales, Brian Tonn, used a dock congestion assessment to evaluate shipper challenges. Using these findings, he provides three practical ways to increase favorability among carriers.

A new year means new trends, new topics, and new analysis. As we tackle these topics, we encourage you to recommend the issues you’d like to see discussed. What are you looking forward to learning about in 2016?

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