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25 Years in Mexico: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going


It’s C.H. Robinson’s Silver Jubilee in Mexico: 25 years of working successfully with customers and carriers on cross-border and intra-Mexico transportation. To celebrate, we’ve gathered a few fun facts about what’s happened since the beginning, and what we’re planning to focus on next.

Since 1994 when NAFTA went into effect, U.S. manufacturing exports to NAFTA countries has increased by 258%. Then as now, the United States remains Mexico’s largest trading partner.

25 Years in Mexico

Mexico’s value proposition as a nearshore manufacturing location continues to grow. Mexico’s educated workforce, infrastructure improvements, labor costs, proximity to the United States, and overall business climate make it an attractive option for multinational company investment. We’re proud of our history of helping companies improve their supply chains in both countries. And with over 200 bilingual and bicultural employees, backed by our proven processes and technology, we’re more prepared than ever to deliver the service, visibility, and outcomes our clients demand.

The best part of working in Mexico has been developing relationships with shippers, carriers, and suppliers. The trust they have in us to work with them on their challenges and help them succeed has made us what we are today. We greatly appreciate these relationships and are committed to continuous improvement and innovation moving forward.

We’re proud of our accomplishments and are excited for our future. At the same time, we’re only as good as our next shipments. Here’s to the next 25 years. ¡Salud!