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Winning Together: Vote for C.H. Robinson as Your Top 3PL


As a 13-year C.H. Robinson employee, I can say this with certainty: I’m really proud of the work my colleagues do every day.

C.H. Robinson has an expansive network of talented supply chain professionals who are committed to doing great work for you, the shippers, carriers, suppliers, vendors, and companies we work with. So imagine my surprise and gratitude when, last year, I was chosen as one of four C.H. Robinson employees to be featured in our quest to earn the top spot on the Inbound Logistics Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards list.

It was an honor to represent C.H. Robinson’s global network of employees to our entire customer base for the duration of the campaign. And, because of you, C.H. Robinson received the votes needed to land at the top of the 2015 list.

But now, the slate is wiped clean and it’s once again time to vote C.H. Robinson into the #1 spot on the publication’s 2016 list.

It’s more than the mere act of winning that makes this award so meaningful to all of us. Your vote affirms that the blood, sweat, and tears we put into our daily work are helping you achieve your business goals. Your vote tells us that we’re contributing to your winning strategy. It shows us that by anticipating your needs, proactively solving problems, and responding to you quickly and thoughtfully, we’ve built a solid relationship with you. Finally, your vote drives us to work even harder for you.

I know that C.H. Robinson employees around the world are committed to excellent customer service, and they truly care about being an advantage to your company. That’s why I’m proud to ask for your vote again this year.

If a C.H. Robinson representative has gone above and beyond for you, tell him or her that you voted for C.H. Robinson as your #1 3PL as a token of your appreciation.

Thanks so much for your support!