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Temperature Controlled

Guest Post: Texas Now the Number 1 State for Refrigerated Freight Volume

Temperature Controlled TruckTexas is now the number one state for refrigerated freight volume on DAT Load Boards, surpassing California by a wide margin. While the total number of produce loads leaving California is still likely the highest of any U.S. state, there is a marked shift in demand for refrigerated equipment on the spot truckload freight market. More refrigerated truckloads are available in Texas than in California. This is a first.

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The Power of Flowers: Valentine’s Day Logistics & Statistics

Floral Transportation

If you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, chances are that a bouquet of flowers will play some role in your day. With millions of flowers bought by consumers every Valentine’s Day, there is little doubt that colorful, fragrant blooms are a hallmark of the holiday. » Read More

Balancing Technology and Process to Maintain Your Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Maintaining a cold chain is a science, especially in today’s global market. There are numerous factors that must be considered at all times to secure the integrity of the temperature sensitive products being transported. Successful cold chains require planning, communication, and the right technology at every step of the journey. » Read More

How Fresh Roses Arrive In Time for Valentine’s Day

The Journey of a Valentine’s Day Rose

RosesU.S. consumers buy the most flowers on Valentine’s and Mother’s Days. Getting fresh roses to your Valentine takes speed, the right temperature, and skill.

Like all perishable products, florals require specific temperatures to maintain freshness. Without the proper temperatures, flowers bloom and fade before they can be enjoyed by the recipient. » Read More

Order Management: The Secret to Better Partial Load Shipping

Temperature Controlled Truck

You aren’t imagining it. Your partial loads of temperature controlled freight are getting harder to manage. And you aren’t alone. Lots of shippers struggle to route these shipments. Lots of shippers can’t tell customers if their orders will arrive on time—until they don’t. Lots of shippers pay fines because of service failures. And lots really don’t know what transportation actually costs for every customer. But you know what? You don’t have to be one of them. You can get out of this crowd with order level management. » Read More

4 Reasons To Rethink Your Perishable Supply Chain Strategy

Perishable Supply Chain Intermodal Shipping

It’s a question you face nearly every day. How to handle surge volume demands for perishable cargo across all lanes? The next question to ask is, “have I considered rail transportation solutions?” Given the recent changes in federal laws governing trucks, ongoing market pressures, and advances in carrier technology, intermodal is now becoming the mode of choice for many perishable shippers. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with intermodal transportation, have used it in particular market situations, and feel comfortable with the service when the need arises. For those new to intermodal, consider the following points when looking at diversifying your carrier base. » Read More