Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway. Which means that, as it does every year at this time, space is about to get very tight. That can make it difficult to meet your delivery times unless you take proactive steps now to minimize the risk in your supply chain. Here’s an easy way to [...]

3 Key Differences Between EU and U.S. Truckload Procurement | Transportfolio Recent years have seen a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions between U.S. and EU companies. Some firms want one truckload procurement process that works everywhere. Does that approach work? Not exactly. There are differences you’ll need to consider. Listen in on my recent discussion [...]

The ONE20 ELD Offering: Is It Right for Your Business? | The Road With roughly five months to go until the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is implemented, many carriers are in the process of choosing the right ELD for their business. In some cases, especially for small carriers and owner-operators, the cost of compliance [...]

New Report Recommends CSA Program Overhaul: What Now? | Transportfolio Hot off the presses, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released the widely anticipated report on the Compliance Safety and Accountability program. This report was required by Congress as part of the FAST Act signed by President Obama in December 2015.

Summer is around the corner and construction season is ramping up once again. For small to mid-size shippers, finding and sourcing flatbed capacity


5 Reasons to Attend CSCMP Edge | Transportfolio Within a month of joining the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), I attended the organization’s annual global conference. While there, I connected with a vice president of transportation at a major big box company, who gave me an hour and a half of her time, [...]

Oversized Load

Navigating the specialized world of flatbed shipments can be tricky, especially when shipping oversized loads like tractors, cranes, or prefabricated homes.

Flatbed Trucking: How the Industry is Changing | The Road by C.H. Robinson As a key piece of the supply chain, flatbed trucking must adapt and change within industries and larger market trends. Keeping tabs on economic and consumer forces helps fleet managers stay ahead of the curve and prepare their drivers, vehicles, and business […]

3 Potential Disruptors to ELD Implementation | The Road As the ELD mandate marches along toward a December 2017 implementation date, let’s recap some of the latest news and discussions in the marketplace. While most expect and plan on the ELD mandate to go into effect as scheduled, there are a handful of events and […]

3 Trucking Trends Drove Conversation at MATS and TCA | The Road Trade events like the last month’s Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) and Truckload Carrier Association (TCA) always provide an opportunity to take the pulse of the trucking industry. Seminars tend to focus on safety, increasing efficiency, profitability of businesses and industry trends. This year, […]