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Project Logistics

5 Traits of Successful Project Logistics Shipments

Traits of Successful Project Logistics

In the world of project logistics, no two shipments are the same. Each shipment is unique and has its own set of challenges. However, there are some common elements that need to be considered before moving a wind turbine, a transformer, or a module. Because pictures speak volumes, below the five general traits, are pictures of shipments that C.H. Robinson Project Logistics coordinated. » Read More

How Transportation Affects Project Cargo Success

Project Cargo Success

The need for wind farms, power plants, refineries, and mining operations is growing on every continent. As project managers prepare bids for these sometimes years-long, turnkey projects, transportation moves front and center. Mike Wilson, Director of Trade Development, Port of Freeport, has said that project cargo requires a different kind of thinking than other freight.  » Read More