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Outsource Solutions

5 Strategies for Successfully Outsourcing Shipping Logistics

Successful Logistics Outsource

Often in my work in the C.H. Robinson Green Bay office, customers will ask us how they can improve the odds that their logistics outsource will be a success. Over the 15 years this office has been open, I have developed expertise in how to best outsource businesses’ logistics. In this post, I outline five key tactics you should follow to ensure your outsourcing is smooth and successful.
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5 Supply Chain Logistics Outsourcing Myths

Myth-Busting Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics Outsourcing

What is Logistics Outsourcing? 

Logistics outsourcing is using an external supplier (3PL or 4PL) for logistics services a company cannot provide sufficiently themselves. Companies choose to outsource to save money long term, to achieve greater customer service, to achieve flexibility and scalability, to utilize advanced logistics technology, and to gain industry relationships.

Choosing to outsource logistics should be a strategic, carefully-made decision. Here, we have laid out five common logistics outsourcing myths and debunked them to give you a clear picture of what it is really like.

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What if Your Supply Chain was Your Competitive Advantage?

What if Your Supply Chain was Your Competitive Advantage?

Accelerate your Advantage

Your supply chain is getting the job done, but is it giving your company a competitive advantage? The global marketplace gives customers a plethora of choices, and that means that the competition is fierce. Every part of your business needs to pull its weight to drive overall success, including your supply chain. Whether you ship product locally or across the globe, your supply chain does more than move product from point A to point B. It’s a vital piece of your business. What if your supply chain was your competitive advantage?
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The Importance of Change Management to a Successful Transportation Management Outsource

Transportation ManagementTransportation Management

Editor’s Note: In May, Jay Freeman contributed a blog post for Connect. We’re sharing his original post here because transportation management is always a relevant topic. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, The Importance of Change Management to a Successful Transportation Management Outsource.

To fully leverage the benefits of outsourcing transportation management, build a good change management framework, minimize implementation challenges, and plan for the future. » Read More