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North American Border Crossing

Will the U.S. Government Shutdown Impact Transportation?

Government Shutdown

Today all eyes will be on Congress regarding funding to keep the U.S. government open. If the government does shutdown, between 800,000 and 2.1 million employees across the federal government will not be at work. This will include some who work to keep our freight moving safely across the country and the world.

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Why Tomorrow’s Mexico is Worth Today’s Risk

Mexico on Map

When you hear outsource do you automatically assume someplace in Asia? What about when you hear nearshore? Does Mexico come to mind? Well for more and more companies, nearshoring their production to Mexico is a competitive option.

It’s true that Mexico’s transportation regulations can be difficult to navigate and that high risk situations are common. From law enforcement officers who can legally open your cargo at any point during transit to fake checkpoints throughout the country, freight can be vulnerable to both theft and damage. With these factors to consider, you may wonder why anyone chooses to nearshore their manufacturing to Mexico’s shores at all. » Read More

The 3 Common Misconceptions about Cross-Border Shipping

Cross-Border Shipping

Nearshoring, the act of transferring manufacturing and production lines away from its foreign location and closer to the United States, is increasing in popularity. More U.S. parties show significant interest in better understanding the cross-border shipping process. The increased interest has exposed many misconceptions within the shipping community, which otherwise cloud the fundamentals of cross-border transportation. Clarifying these assumptions helps improve efficiencies, increase visibility, and grow U.S./Mexico trade relationships. Listed below are three common and incorrect assumptions shippers make about the cross-border shipping process. » Read More

Guest Post: Global Trade Management, Beyond Compliance

Global Trade Management

Global Trade Management (GTM) tends to be typecast as something for the compliance department, and the compliance department only. Yes, it’s true that compliance is and always will be a critical element of GTM, but it’s certainly not the only one. Pete Mento, C.H. Robinson director of global customs and trade policy, is among a distinguished group of panelists that will be discussing how GTM touches far more than compliance on an American Shipper webinar April 4. » Read More