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Driving Efficiencies for the Carrier Community

Driving Efficiencies for the Carrier Community.Transportfolio


Carriers crisscross the continent to keep the flow of raw, finished, and consumer goods moving, meaning they also keep local, regional, national, and global businesses and economies moving. They’re a crucial link in supply chains, and it’s important to stay connected to the carrier community.

As part of our commitment to being the third party logistics provider (3PL) of choice for our contract carriers, we decided to undertake a detailed survey so that we could be better attuned to the concerns, topics, and interests that are impacting drivers. One of the biggest themes that came out of the study is the growing desire, importance, and presence of technology in the scope of their jobs, from the ways they accept freight to how they execute business.

Carriers have an appetite—and the means—to act more independently. They’re handling updates and tendering freight electronically with increasing frequency. Technology gives carriers the tools needed to increase productivity and expand and evolve the way they work, all while adding ease to their daily tasks.

Operating via automating. In our survey, carriers indicated they are overwhelmingly in favor of automating if that meant faster access to—and possibly more attractive—freight. Automating documentation and standardizing key procedures could be a good way to make sure carriers choose to work with your company.

Easy processes mean faster action. As an extension of automation, carriers are drawn to companies with more efficient, direct processes that provide clear visibility to loads. Less time on the phone—and less time navigating complex processes—means more time hauling.

Less paperwork, more results. Carriers said they prefer to work with companies that aren’t overridden with administratively burdensome tasks. Of course, paperwork is inevitable, but it might be worth investing in technology that can make it easier, less tedious, and more palatable for carriers to work with you.

Without a doubt, technology has transformed the way we all do business, and it’s essential for keeping us connected. The future of technological advancements for carriers is bright, and we’re committed to continuously investing in the services and technologies that appeal to the carrier community and make doing business together a more seamless, positive experience.

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