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4 Reasons We Love the Drivers Who Keep Our World Moving

4 Reasons We Love the Drivers Who Keep Our World Moving


This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, a time to show our gratitude to the 3.5 million men and women who keep our lives and businesses moving. Last year we shared obscure truck driving facts, this year I wanted to focus on stories from our people.

I reached out to our employees and asked them to tell me their favorite thing about working with truck drivers. I got a variety of great responses, and below are a few of my favorites:

My favorite part of working with truck drivers is how much I get to know them. Especially at the owner/operator level. Even with advancements in technology, I still talk to my guys pretty regularly and learn their business goals and about their family. I like that we have a relationship; it’s not just a transaction for me or for them.
– Bernt ‘Smitty’ Smith, capacity manager, Minneapolis Surface Transportation

You never really think about how much relies on trucking until you’ve been in this industry. Now I know what a big role truck drivers play in getting products to the stores for people like you and me to purchase, whether it’s a delivery of toothpaste, Thanksgiving turkeys, or the trendy new toy that everyone wants for Christmas.
– Ray Kruse, senior carrier account manager, Chicago Central

It’s a pretty humbling experience to work with truck drivers. They are some of the nicest and happiest people I have met. Being able to impact their business by finding them freight to get them home is a perk of working with these professionals.
– Sharon Varner, supervisor, capacity team, Fort Worth, TX

Because I’ve worked with a lot of the same truck drivers for years now, I love the rapport we’ve developed. I know what kinds of loads and lanes they prefer most, and enjoy finding freight I know will be good for their business. I think they appreciate the personal service and I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect shipments for them.
– Rick Canizzo, supervisor carrier management, Syracuse, NY

These are only a few of the reasons why our people love working with truck drivers. If you’re given the chance this week—or any time of year—show your appreciation for a truck driver. Whether you buy their coffee at the gas station or just smile and wave at a red light, it’s important that we thank truck drivers for all they do.

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