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3 Reasons Carrier Initiatives Improve Supply Chains

3 Reasons Carrier Initiatives Improve Supply Chains. Transportfolio

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Technology: it continues to drive efficiency and bring value to our industry. It’s made things better and improved our outcomes. That’s one of the reasons we launched a new technology for our contract carriers last week. We remain committed to bringing new and improved technology to our industry, to make things better—both for our contract carriers and our customers.

Our new website, Navisphere® Carrier, was developed to help contract carriers find freight opportunities, post available equipment, and stay connected to C.H. Robinson, with near real time status updates. We worked closely with our contract carriers to identify what they want from a technology solution, while keeping in mind how that solution will improve our interactions with our customers.

In addition to launching Navisphere Carrier, we also announced our new Carrier Advantage Program™—a loyalty program intended to recognize contract carriers who provide exceptional service and reward them with earlier access to freight, dedicated account representatives, and, for some, the ability to log offers for freight via our new website.

Many companies like ours focus their technology and programs only on their customers. We believe that by focusing on both our customers and our contract carriers, we can bring better solutions and service to the industry. Specifically, we believe that our contract carrier technology and initiatives bring you three key benefits:

  1. Better Communication and Efficiency
    Navisphere, our global technology platform, enables our contract carriers and customers to communicate more seamlessly around the world. This single solution brings together many aspects of the supply chain.
  2. Increased Supply Chain Visibility
    Through the use of Navisphere Carrier, drivers can enter status updates directly into the technology, resulting in superior tracking of shipments. This provides the level of visibility you need to better satisfy your end customers.
  3. Exceptional Carrier Service
    By recognizing and rewarding our contract carriers providing exceptional service, we believe that our contract carriers will work to achieve a level of great service, thereby improving your experience with those carriers.

We know that supply chains are complex and global supply chains are even more intricate. And we believe that all parties—whether they’re executives, dispatchers, logistics specialists, or drivers—need the right tools and technology to keep all the moving parts of a supply chain progressing to the next step. As a leader in the logistics industry, C.H. Robinson is proud of our new carrier technology and loyalty program. We are also committed to continuing to bring these types of enhancements and innovation to our industry.

We are excited about these initiatives. Head to Navisphere Carrier to learn more!