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About the Author

Vincent Basacchi — Manager of Canadian Customs Brokerage

Vincent Basacchi joined C.H. Robinson in 2010 to start up the Canadian customs brokerage services. Vincent possesses more than 30 years of experience in customs brokerage operations, logistics, international trade and transportation. In his current role at C.H. Robinson, Vincent is responsible for heading up the Canadian customs brokerage with a focus on regulatory compliance, business process enhancement, product development, client-facing solutions, and business expansion. As an experienced licensed customs house broker, Vince is well versed in Canadian import law and an expert in the Canadian entry process with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Other Government Departments (OGD). Vincent is based at C.H. Robinson’s Vaughan office.

Oh Canada! Start Importing into Canada

Bridge over Water resembling Importing into Canada

Do you want to start importing goods into Canada? Due to free trade agreements and increased internet sales, more manufacturers around the world want to increase their business into the Canadian marketplace. As is the nature of customs anywhere in the world, Canadian regulations change every day. One thing can always help you through the process. And that is your customs broker. Your customs broker is your intermediary. They know the ropes of importing and can guide you through the entire process—from initial steps to final delivery. Just remember the old saying, “You date your freight forwarder, but you marry your customs broker.” » Read More