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About the Author

Vince Santinello — Ocean Business Development & Route Manager

Vince Santinello joined C.H. Robinson in 2015. He brings 15+ years of ocean logistics experience. He grew up through the ranks with previous NVOCC’s taking on the responsibilities of negotiating pricing, terms, and developing superb ocean carrier relationships. As part of the C.H. Robinson family, Vince is the Ocean Business Development & Route Manager focusing on the Transpacific Eastbound Trade. He primarily works with all North American branches to help ensure success within TPEB opportunities as well as collaborating closely with our Carrier Management Team to guarantee customers and our offices expectations are represented.

Spotlight on Ocean Shipping in The Transpacific Eastbound Lane

In a typical year, shipping by air and ocean follows a fairly predictable pattern of peak and slow times. However, this year is different as companies try to get ahead of new tariff implementations in the Transpacific Eastbound (China to U.S.) lane. Many shippers in this lane have ramped up their shipping early, while others are choosing to pay higher spot market rates in their preferred shipping times or waiting to see what will happen next. » Read More

How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight


Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway. Which means that, as it does every year at this time, space is about to get very tight. That can make it difficult to meet your delivery times unless you take proactive steps now to minimize the risk in your supply chain. Here’s an easy way to think about the regular and potential future disruptors that could impact your ocean shipping strategy, and what you can do to prepare for what comes next.
» Read More

How Does the Chinese New Year Impact Rate Volatility?

Rate Volatility

On January 1, the Trans-Pacific Eastbound (TPEB) market saw a general rate increase (GRI) take effect, following months of plunging rate levels. On January 4, the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) posted figures that showed week over week increases of 98% on West Coast rates and 77% on East Coast rates. At the same time last year, the market experienced upward trends, and carrier rate levels into the West Coast were roughly 27% higher than current rates. With nine GRIs announced by carriers since January 2015 making a big impact on the market, it’s important to understand why the increases happened and how the upcoming Chinese New Year plays a role. » Read More