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About the Author

Tim Krech — Manager

Tim is the Manager of C.H. Robinson sourcing division direct store delivery (DSD) programs and he based out of Eden Prairie, MN. Tim focuses on creating efficiencies for small orders with a short lead time, full perishable outsource programs, one-time special/holiday deliveries and customized order management platforms that send orders directly from the grower/producer to the store. He is also the Navisphere Sourcing Project Lead for the sourcing division and works closely with the IT teams to help drive efficiencies in our systems. Tim has been with C.H. Robinson 10 years and graduated with from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

The Benefits and Best Practices of Grocery Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery

Not having certain products delivered to your store in time for key sales windows can be a major blow to your bottom line. Not only do you miss out on large numbers of sales, but you also disappoint customers and cause them to find what they need at a competitor’s store instead.

Thus, you work hard to avoid this situation and probably put a lot of energy into inventory forecasts and designing your supply chain accordingly. However, whether your plan is highly detailed or a one size fits all approach, it’s critical to consider how unique products and transportation requirements could cause hiccups in your supply chain.

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