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About the Author

Thomas Schoett & Fred Annunziata

Thomas Schoett serves as director of South America and South U.S. region for global forwarding at C.H. Robinson. With more than 25+ years of industry experience, he brings extensive knowledge in global ocean and air, as well as South American customs clearance and trucking services. ________________________________________________________________________________ Fred Annunziata is the route development manager for North and South America at C.H. Robinson. He joined C.H. Robinson in 2014 and has 40+ years of experience in global logistics. Through the course of Fred’s career he gained experience in warehousing, distribution, and South America air and ocean export and import. He graduated from the University of Dayton in 1978 with a BS in international business and marketing.

Embracing the South American Ecommerce Marketplace

Ecommerce is on the rise in South America. Double-digit growth is expected for 2019 with sales of $71.34 billion (USD), tying it with the Middle East and Africa as the world’s second-fastest-growing retail ecommerce market.

That’s great news for shippers looking to expand their online retail presence in South America. » Read More